St. Andre, Hinche

St. Andre, Hinche is partnered with Saint Dunstan's Episcopal Church in Carmel Valley, California. Saint Dunstan’s parish is committed to building and supporting the most viable, contemporary educational program possible for the children of Saint André’s School in Hinche, Haiti.  They are doing this by focusing on the nexus between nutrition, education, and connectivity, from the local to the global community.

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While Hinche has electricity provided by the Haitian national electrical utility, it is very expensive and not dependable.  A solar energy system for the school would provide consistent power and allow for the means to generate income to support the operations of the school, which is one of the two best in the region.


Solar Energy academies

St. Andre will be one of three locations hosting Solar Energy Academies beginning in the fall of 2018.  Paired with entrepreneurial classes the intent is to provide young Haitians with both the technical skills and the business knowledge to gain employment in and potentially start their own solar energy companies in this fast growing sector of the economy.

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