St. Paul, Boudin St. Pierre

St. Paul in Boudin St. Pierre has recently partnered with a group of churches in Southwestern Virginia to provide support for teacher salaries, school supplies, scholarships and textbooks.


Solar energy

Alistening session with members of kWh and teachers at St. Paul was held to discuss the challenges the community faced in such a rural location, accessible only by four-wheel drive vehicles and motorcycles.  The following ideas were shared about how solar energy might be used in the school and village:

  • Pump for a well (currently women walk  1 1/2 hours each way to obtain water)
  • Make it possible to cook school meals
  • Open a restaurant
  • Have a sewing machine to make school uniforms locally
  • Power electric irons to replace charcoal irons
  • Provide refrigeration to have cold drinks and watch soccer games on a TV