St. Simon St. Jude, Duny

St. Simon St. Jude School, Duny in partnership with St. Luke’s Cathedral, Portland, Maine.  The partnership began in February of 2009.  Over the years, the relationship has grown closer and closer.  Today the focus is on collaborating to support the basic needs of the school children and building relationships with people in the community.


solar energy

In March 2018 and May 2018 teams from kWh held listening sessions with members of St. Simon St. Jude to ascertain the needs of the community relative to solar energy.  Some of the ideas they shared included:

  • Access to computers and the internet
  • The ability to study at night and offer second sessions of school in the afternoons
  • The capacity to charge cell phones
  • Providing a place for young people to hangout in lighted areas
  • Having refrigeration to sell cold drinks, treat water, and make ice cream
  • Providing something to do during school vacations – such as watch tv, play games, and watch movies
  • Being able to generate money to buy food
  • Powering sewing machines to make school uniforms